Saving The Outlaw

After years of hiding from the law and living in the shadows, Daniel Fletcher sneaks into a Montana courtroom for the trial of a former partner. He is surprised to see Berit Butler, the woman he once loved and abandoned years earlier, reporting on the case. While his feelings for her have not changed, Daniel tries to avoid her and is convinced she deserves much better than a man who has lived his life on the run without commitments or entanglements.

Berit, still as stubborn and persuasive as he remembers her, convinces him to accompany her and her family to fulfill her ailing father’s final wish. Their journey takes them to Morgan’s Crossing, where Berit’s outlaw brother is buried, where there’s golden treasure to be found, and where Daniel’s family, who he’s avoided for years, resides and is ready to welcome him back with open arms.

Although the outlaw has been absolved of his crimes and has mended his ways, he is still a wanted man. Daniel must prove his worthiness to Berit and protect her and her family from whomever has been following them since their departure from the courthouse. As their old spark is rekindled and Daniel is reunited with his family, a secret Berit has kept from Daniel for years is revealed.

Will this revelation reinforce the love they once shared and provide hope for a future together? Or is it too late for the reformed outlaw and the fiercely independent writer to find love again?

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