Heart Strings


A love that cannot be denied…

Rock star Sammy West has one last opportunity to make things right with Bree Elise, the woman who had packed up her bass guitar and walked out on him. He never stopped loving her and thought he’d never see her again until a contest essay leads Sammy to Bree. When he shows up to present the winning guitar, Bree is forced to face a painful past and reveal a secret she’d buried many years ago. With hurt on both sides, unless they learn to forgive they’ll never be able to recapture the deep love they once shared.

Lying to herself would be easy. She lied about her pain for so long, it had become second nature. But maybe something good will come from her attending the ceremony. After all this time, seeing Sammy again might force her to come to terms with the heartache and ghosts she’d locked away in a tattered guitar case for thirty years. Maybe…

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